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Writing Off-Platform Checks with Abaca

What policies affect checks written outside of your portal?

What is covered here?

  1. What is the difference between submitting a check payment and writing a check
  2. Off-Platform Check Policies

What is the difference between submitting a check payment and writing a check

You can issue a non digital payment (check) to a Vendor in 2 ways: 

  1. Submitting BillPay - We recommend submitting your BillPay requests through the Abaca Online Banking portal, you can learn more here.
  2. Off-Platform Checks - Paper checks are available to all Abaca banking customers. They are subject to our Off-Platform Check Policies

Off-Platform Check Policies

These policies only apply to all checks not issued through bill pay, including handwritten and checks printed directly from your accounting software. All BillPays submitted through the portal will follow the BillPay policies which can be found here.

To order checks, just call your Account Specialist, or you may order checks from your preferred check printing company.

Timelines & Amounts

  • For checks written within the first 90 days after your account activation, the maximum amount for which a check can be issued is $500.
  • After your first 90 days, you may write checks up to $2,500 with no fees.

Fee Circumstances

  • For any Vendors not approved in the Abaca Online Banking portal, Customers will be assessed a $25 fee per check.
  • Customers who write a check for an amount over $2,500 will also incur a $25 check fee. 

The maximum fee will be $25 per check, even if the check fits more than 1 of these circumstances.