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How to login into my Abaca Account

How to login into your portal

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  1. How to Login into Abaca Online Banking
  2. How to reset my password

How to Login into Abaca Online Banking

  1. Login into your account on Abaca Online Banking

Login into Abaca Online Banking

2.    Once you click login, you will be prompted to enter a 5-digit code that you will receive via text or email depending on your authentication method

3.    Enter the 5-digit code and click Confirm

4.    If you have multiple accounts with Abaca, on the next page, you will select the company which you wish to utilize and click confirm (you can always switch accounts later, without needing to sign out. To learn more, view this article). 

Choose your company in Abaca Online Banking portal

5.    Once your code is confirmed, the landing page is displayed, giving you the most up-to-date information about your account balance along with trends, transaction history, and on-the-go statements.

View transaction data in Abaca online banking portal

How to reset my password

We care about your security, so if you encounter the need to reset your password, we will send a unique code to both your email and your phone number on file via SMS to authenticate you. 

    1. Click on Forgot my password
    2. Enter in your email address and click Confirm
    3. SMS Verification: Get your code from your phone, enter it in and push Confirm
    4. Email Verification: Look for the email: Abaca Password Reset and copy your 5 digit code. Paste it back and click Confirm 
    • Set your new password: Pick a password, confirm it and then select your preferred two-factor authentication mode. Finalize your new password by clicking on: Update

Reset your password in Abaca online banking portal


5. You will be taken to your home screen. Congrats, you have successfully changed your password and logged into your Abaca Online Banking!

Logged in to Abaca online banking portal