How to make your initial deposit

How to make your first deposit with Abaca

What does this cover

  1. What is the initial Deposit?
  2. How to send in an Electronic Initial Deposit
    1. Wire
    2. ACH
  3. How to send in an non-Electronic Initial Deposit
    1. Cash
    2. Check

What is an initial deposit?

Your initial deposit is the final step to getting your Abaca Online Banking account activated. 

You can capitalize your account by wire transfer, ACH, check, or cash. Cash and check can be sent to an approved branch, or (preferably) picked up by one of our authorized providers.  Initial deposits are generally not subject to deposit fees, however, source of funds documentation will be required, and there may be a cap.

If you are already an active Abaca client and looking to make any other deposit, check out this article instead. 

The estimated timeline on deposit methods are below:

  1. Wire - Same day (if before 4pm CST)
  2. ACH - Next business day
  3. Check - 1-14 days (depending on the postage used)
  4. Cash - After it has been picked up, the next day it will be visible in your account.

How to send in an Electronic Initial Deposit

The fastest method to get your Abaca Online Banking account funded, we suggest moving the money electronically. There are two forms of electronic deposit: Wire & ACH.


Wiring is the quickest way to fund your account.

For security purposes, we do not have those instructions provided here. You will receive wire transfer instructions as part of your welcome email. If you are unable to locate them, please reach out to your Account Specialist who can assist you further.

Wire transfer fees may apply for inbound wires.


The other method of electronic deposit is funding your account using an Automated Clearing House (ACH). ACH is a network used for electronically moving money between bank accounts across the United States.

For security purposes, we do not have those instructions provided here, they will be included in your welcome email.Your ACH routing number and account number can be found in your account opening documents, including your signature card. 

Deposit sent

Deposit Received















The payment will arrive one day later if the next day is a bank holiday.


How to send in a non-Electronic Initial Deposit

There are two primary forms of non-electronic methods of deposit that we accept: Cash & Check.


We have partnered with vetted cash logistics providers to alleviate your business of having cash on hand. 

We have waived our variable cash deposit fee on the initial deposit, though the flat cash pickup fee is still applicable. There may be a cash deposit fee if your cash deposit is covered under our Legacy Cash policy. Legacy cash is any cash more than your gross revenues over the last 90 days.

To learn more about the specifics of our cash deposit process, check out this article.


Lastly, you can make your initial deposit by mailing a check directly to the bank. Your bank’s address will be provided in an email from your Account Specialist. We strongly recommend sending certified mail, FedEx, or some other means that provides you with a tracking number  if you decide to go that route.