Abaca Receivables Management (ARM)

How to create and accept payment requests from Vendors in and outside of the Abaca ecosystem.

What is covered here?

  1. What is Abaca Receivables Management (ARM)?
  2. How to send a Payment Request
  3. How to accept a Payment Request
    1. How to login - Through email or logging in
    2. How to connect your account - Micro Deposit or Fast Link
    3. How to pay | After verifying your account
  4. How to check on a Payment Request?
  5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Abaca Receivables Management (ARM)?

Abaca’s Receivables Management (ARM) is our invoicing tool that enables you as our customer to request a Payment from one of your Vendors or clients. Vendors are the people or organizations you do business with. 

If you would like to learn more about how to send money to a vendor, check out how to send a BillPay here.

  • Requester (Payee) = You
  • Requestee (Payor) = The recipient of your invoice

High level steps

  1. Send the Payment Request to anyone through your Abaca portal.
  2. To view, connect and submit payment for a Payment Request:
    1. Login using your email address or account number & email. 
    2. Connect your bank account
    3. Pay any outstanding invoice

How to send a Payment Request

This is how Abaca Online Banking customers can send Payment Requests to people they do business with. 

  1. Login into your account on Abaca Online Banking
  2. Go to the Receivables Management  tab in your menu
  3. Click on the button: Create Payment Request

4.   Fill out the Payment Request information:
    1. Reference Account - Customer's Account name in your system. You can have this match what is in your accounting system.
      1. This will be the name your Payee name uses to login into ARM.
    2. Customer Email Address - The email linked to the person you want to receive a payment from
      1. This will be the email address your Payee uses to login into ARM.
    3. Send Email notification checkbox - If checked, this will send an email to the Customer Email Address listed above notifying them of a pending payment request. We highly recommend checking this for first time payment request recipients. 
      1. If not checked, the Payment Request will still be processed and will show up in their portal.
    4. Invoice # / RequestID - The unique Invoice number and Request ID can be customized to match your accounting platform invoice numbers and request IDs. 
    5. Description - What is the Payment Request for?
    6. Amount Due - How much is the Payment Request for?
    7. Due Date - What day is the request due?
    8. Issue Date - What day do you want the request sent?

How to accept a Payment Request

Now that the Payment Request has been sent from the Abaca Online Banking, the payor can now finish the Payment using ARM.

How to login - Through email or logging

You can login into your Abaca Receivables Management Portal in two different ways - Through your email notification or Login.

  1. Entering by Email
  2. Entering by Login

Entering by Email

  1. You should have received an email: “You've Received a Payment Request from {Company Name requesting payment}”
  2. Open that email and click on the link: Click here to send this Payment via Abaca Receivables Management

3.   You will be automatically logged into your account and will see any outstanding invoices.


Entering by Login

  1. Go to: https://payments.goabaca.net/ 
  2. Enter 2 key pieces of information:
    1. Account number - The unique number used to pay any invoices on Abaca.
    2. Email - The email address you received the invoice at and your account is linked with.

3.   You will be sent a verification email labeled: Abaca Account Verification, copy the code from this email

4.   Paste the code into the field: Authorization code

5.   Click the button lick the button: Verify


6.   You will be logged in and see any outstanding invoices on your account.


How to connect your account - Micro Deposit or Fast Link

Selecting which invoices to pay

  1. Select the invoices you want to pay by clicking on the checkboxes, confirm the total amount and click the button: Payment information"

If you are not seeing a particular invoice, click on the button Search Again. You will re-enter your account and email information. See Entering by logging for more details.

2.   Fill out all your personal and company information. Once filled out, click the button: Update Contact

3.   Now with saved information, you can either link your bank account through a micro deposit or fast link. If you are an Abaca Online Banking customer, you will be using the micro deposit method. 

Connecting your bank account with Micro Deposit

If your bank is not provided on the right hand side, we will do a process called a micro deposit to link your bank account with your ARM account. If you are an Abaca Online banking customer, this is currently how you link your account with ARM.

  1. If you do not see your Bank provider, click on either the grey X or the green button: Don’t see your bank? No Problem. Link your account manually


2.   Fill in your account information and click the button: Add Checking Account
    1. Name on Account - The name on your bank account
    2. Routing Number - The routing number indicates what bank your account is held.
    3. Account Number - Your specific account at that bank 

3.   The micro deposit process has started. The micro deposit process will take 2 days to show up. 

4.   As soon as you submit your checking account, you will then see an email to the one you filled out within the ARM portal.

    1. Email Subject: "Your Abaca Receivables Management Payment Method must be verified"
    2. This is the code you will enter with your micro deposit once it arrives.


5.   Check back on your bank in 2 business days to see the micro deposit has occurred. Below is what the micro deposit looks like in your account:


6.   Once you see the micro deposit in your bank account within the transactions, please login back to the ARM portal.

7.   Fill in the following information to

    1. Deposit Amount - The amount you saw deposited and withdrew from your account
    2. Deposit Code -The 10 digit code you got in an email labeled: “Your Abaca Receivables Management Payment Method must be verified”

8. Your account is now linked and can complete payment requests within ARM!

Connecting your bank account with Fast Link

We are able to do fast link with most of the major banks around the country.

  1. Select your banking provider from the list. 

2.   Put in your banking login credentials for your bank.

3.   Your bank may require a 2-factor authentication. Select the method you would like to be authenticated with.

To protect your account, you have less than 10 minutes to complete this authentication. 


   4.   Enter in the temporary identification code and click Submit.

5. Finally, pick which account you would like to use for payments on Abaca Receivables Management and click Save & Finish to move forward.

How to pay | After verifying your account

Now that you have the account you would like to get paid through linked,

  1. After you have verified your account, you will be prompted to pay any of your outstanding invoices.


2.   You have finished the Payment! You will be shown
    1. Payment Code -  An easy to read code/unique ID within the ARM payment system that you can use for your recording purposes.
    2. Payment Date - The date the Payment was submitted.
    3. Status - Pending | Please allow for up to 24 hours for processing.
    4. Transaction ID - The unique ID of your transaction across the entire Abaca ecosystem. 
    5. Payment Amount - How much did you pay?

3.   Check your email to see your email confirmation
    1. Email subject for Payment receipt - Receipt of Payment for (Payment_Code) {Payment_Amount}
    2. Payment Code - The unique ID within the banking portal.
    3. Payment Date - The date and time the Payment was submitted.
    4. Payment Amount - How much did you pay?
    5. Memo - This is the invoice ID number.


How to check on a Payment Request?

You can look up the status of your Payment Requests within your Abaca Online Banking portal.

  1. Login into your account on Abaca Online Banking
  2. Go to the Receivables Management page
  3. Look at the list of requests and find the Payment Request / invoice in question. After the payor has completed the Payment, it will be pending.


  4.   It will move to ‘Accepted’ once the Payment is processed and posted a few days later.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have compiled our most common question and answers below.

What are all the Payment Statuses?

  • Pending = Scheduling the Payment
  • Sent = The Payment is put to a NACHA file to move the money
  • Accepted = The Payment being processed and the posted

What does it look like before you verify your account? 

When you try to login and haven’t completed the verification, you will see this below screen.